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So i have had a busy year. i have caught some stunning fish and been to some lovely venues. i ended my year with a trip i had been planning since July to a huge wild lake down in the SE of France in the mountains, here is my blog on the trip,


I began organising the trip about 4months before we left for it in mid October. This particular part of southern France holds its temperatures longer.

The east winds area are still warm and there is always a risk of a big storm. The lake was new to us all, with very little info to go on it was a case of spreading ourselves over the lake in three different areas, the water levels were lower then we first expected.

Our first few nights saw us land a fair few fish, mostly commons, wild silvery ones 10lb-15lb. Nico landed a couple nice commons around 30lb.

Slowly but surely we thought we were working it out, by 2 weeks in and only small carp and most of the lake covered, we knew where the big fish were coming from. Nico was the first to move to a point in this new area, with very little bait in the carps path he had found a spot. He produced a 56lb wild common followed shortly after by a 30lb mirror. I spoke to him on the phone and he said he was in heaven, the pieces were finally falling together.

Jason moved onto an island along the same route and was rewarded with a 30lb common. Then it went quiet.

I hadn’t seen much action from where I was my 4 rods were silent for days. It was now a waiting game.

Between the three of us we had put about 80kg of Urban Bait in the lake, i had upped my bait approach to a kg a rod using a mix of 18mm salt cured red spicy fish and 22mm Tuna & Garlic we knew they were eating it because of Nico and Jason’s fish. Between Nico and Jason they caught 15+ fish and with Nico beast it was just a matter of time before another big one slipped up.

Depths were really a factor on this session, a German angler on the other side had a big common, we asked what depth he had caught it in needless to say I changed one of my rods to a higher point on the bar.

Line lay was crucial because of the swim position and angle to the bar. I laid my line at a 45’ angle back along the bar before using 4oz back lead coupled with 12oz on the front, running the line back to my swim at 45’ for me it was one spot one rod. I had not had a fish since the first night.

Rigs were staying out minimum 3 days so I was using hardened double hookers 22mm Urban Bait Tuna & Garlic, a bait that’s done me very well for big fish. I anticipated my move on a electrical storm coming but the ferocity we didn’t expect. I positioned myself close to the water but with the arrival of rain we were ankle deep in mud, as we were on the lake bed.

We all survived the storm and with good wind and warm sun my bite came along at 4am.

My receiver battery had died so I’d turned up the volume on my alarms, I could hear the familiar sound a quick few bleeps followed by a drop back. I quickly got in the boat, as I headed out I knew the fish was headed towards me. I put no strain on the rod just kept winding as I boated towards it. I knew it was heading to the dam end of the lake and at 200m to my right all I had to do is boat out straight ahead of me.

Then I reached the part where I had to try and stop it with the braid I knew the hook hold wasn’t good I could feel it moving, for some strange reason whether it be past experiences I knew it could come off at any minute. As it surfaced to the top it took a couple dives but I could tell it was close to netting, I had no idea how big it was because I was trying not to put any weight on the rod, more like teasing it to the top.

When it did go in the net as I suspected the hook fell out. With the adrenaline pumping it was time to bask in my glory, half an hour after my alarm went I was sitting soaking wet and cold but with a sense of achievement that only sitting in mud can give you.

A 64lb wild mountain mirror!


September 2018

Gary and his dad John came over for a fishing trip to remember. The weather was lovely, the fishing was epic and the food was good. They both enjoyed themselves and the experience of the wild French rivers.

March 2018

CarpNation.   i met these guys at the Prague fishing show in February and they wanted to come down for a holiday and do a video of French carp. i took them to a stunning place i know about an hour away from headquarters. We set up camp and it wasn’t long until we saw carp feeding over the next 9 days they caught some beautiful wild carp. A couple of moves to follow the carp down to the other end of the river. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and already said they will be back for more.

February 2018

Urban Baits main man Terry Dempsey asked me if i would like to go to the Prague For Fishing show 2018. i jumped at the chance to meet other fisherman and companies. It was fast paced and very big. Terry and i went round getting new contacts for our business’s and we meet some good people. i also got a few bits that are not out yet in the uk so i have done well.

i will be helping Terry out at other shows in the future, so keep an eye out for my posts on Facebook and Instagram.


So i have been off exploring France in-between redecorating our house, and i have to say i have found some beautiful places. Some quiet lakes with monsters in, some beautiful river spots with uncaught carp waiting to be caught and made famous.

End of the year Jim came down for his yearly fishing trip and i took him to a couple of the places I’ve found and he caught some beauties. He thoroughly enjoyed his time.

Head over to my Facebook page for the pictures of Jims fish or check out the gallery on here for the stunning carp he bagged!

I was invited to Compton Lakes by Mark the owner, he want to see how many of the bigger fish i could catch, so i packed up and went down to meet him. Mark’s lake was stunning. I had use of all the gear and boat if i wanted or needed it,  i had the whole lake to myself as it was the quiet season, a few cold wet nights and i bagged a stunning carp. Mark came down to take pictures and check the fish over. He was happy i caught in the weather that we were having. it was a lovely experience and i will be back there for the big one.

I had time for a small fishing trip over Christmas and new year trip to see if i could get that Christmas carp. It was not disappointing i got a couple just in time to see the new year in. The pictures will be in the gallery.

Im excited to see what new places i will visit in 2018 and what stunning wild carp that will be caught.

Check out our gallery of Brynn and jims fishing trip 2016 September.

I have made a video on you tube Wild Carp Adventures of 2015 carp caught in france check it out here

Well into our second month in France and I have scouted and fished the Vienne River in between building the kitchen and im making progress on the river.

It is currently in the minus’s at night but the frost soon goes during the day, so no overnights! Hoping soon it will get warmer and I can do few days on the chosen lakes and rivers.

the big 50+

I have found a few lakes on my door that are showing potential will update soon on these lakes.

a gorgeous uncaught river carp