About Us

My name is Wayne Barling and my wife is Katherine, we would like to take this chance to say hello and welcome to our idea of French fishing.
Until 2011 I had only fished UK waters and read of French carp.
We have all seen the pictures of massive fish caught in private owned lakes, yet commercial lakes was not what I was looking for.
I wanted wild carp, if it meant having to explore hard to reach places then so be it, its what I do in English waters so why not in France. Carp don’t talk so language was not a problem all I had to do was find them.
What a great idea for our honeymoon, a motorhome, the dog, top quality homemade bait and enough tackle not to be able to move in the camping car, as it is called in France.  So with my beautiful wife at the helm we ventured on deep into the French unknown.
It truly is a stunning country with more waters then you will ever need, huge lakes hundreds of acres in size, thousands of miles of rivers. I didn’t stay too long in each place we stopped, we were here to explore after all.
Don’t get me wrong I wanted to catch but I wanted to see more of these beautiful surroundings.
We had reached the south westerly side of France below Bordeaux, the long straight sandy coast you can see on the map.
Here lays Biscarrosse the largest lake I had ever seen, all crystal clear fresh water, a land locked sea. Home to some very wild carp, that needless to say I never got to meet. I did meet some wonderful new friends who told me of a river to try, once I had seen it I knew it was the area I was looking for to catch some beasts!
I soon found some bubbles, not ones like I had seen before, more like golf balls popping. I fished hard and moved a lot catching 4 carp in a total of 48hrs it was the dream session I was after. The only problem was I only had 40lb scales, I never dreamed I would break the 40lb from my first trip of wild river carping.
All the fish were commons, which I thought was normal, I returned again the following year and believe it or not caught 5 carp this time, allowing for the same 48hr session. The only thing that was different was the carp were either mirror or leather and I had my new trusty Rubens.
I have fished many areas in France over the years and will continue to do so, finding more remote and picturesque places to share with you.
I have lots more secrets to share about the true roots of French fishing.
So why not join us for your very own Wild Carp Adventure.